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Adopt -A- Huddle Sponsorship Program

AHSP is an effort by an individual, organization, business or church (or combination of) to support a local FCA on-campus huddle with community support of prayer, presence and finances. This will make a major community connection for the students, advisers and donors. It also will provide a strong motivation and ownership of a huddle group for everyone involved.

For a $150 monthly commitment = adoption of a Middle School, High School or Community FCA Huddle.

For a $250 monthly commitment = adoption of a College Huddle or Sport Specific Team Huddle.

Where will your donation money go?

  1. We target 50% of the donation to directly benefit the local FCA huddle and 50% allotted for the local FCA staff that directly supports the huddle.
  2. Funds purchase a school yearbook used as a “prayer list” for donors to pray through gaining help from others who commit to praying for the entire faculty, coaches and student body of the school on a regular basis.
  3. Funds purchase the annual FCA Huddle Kit and Insurance for FCA events.
  4. Funds help provide FCA Summer Camp Scholarships.
  5. Funds help provide huddle resources, bibles and bible studies. Adoption allows access to huddle meetings and FCA events on and off campus nd is a perfect way to be used by God to be in a position of influence to an entire campus.
  6. If desired, sponsoring company or church logo will be displayed on local FCA Sponsors webpage, huddle marketing materials and be included in area newsletters and regional electronic newsletters.

If you or your organization or church is interested in this program please contact:  

Tina Snover, Northwestern CO FCA Area Director: or (540) 908-7081  


Ricky Sparks, Southwestern CO FCA Area Director: or (970) 270-0269 

to choose a huddle and hear about our payment option plans.